Prepare your trip

Trip date

You probably already have a date or time set for your trip. If you take a Galapagos cruise or an Amazon expedition, one of the first steps is to find out about our available spaces. Due to current demand, we recommend scheduling your trip beforehand to ensure the necessary spaces for your group or family. If you are flexible on dates, finding spaces is much easier. For assistance and a prompt response to your requirements, please fill out and submit our contact form.


For all our trips, it is necessary to arrive before to Quito or Guayaquil. We recommend reaching Ecuador 2 days before the cruise or excursion to prevent any problem from possible delays with your luggage arrival. In Our trips section, we offer a 3-night plan in Quito to add to your program.


Once the reservation process is done, we send to you a descriptive brochure about your entire voyage, where you will find useful information to prepare for your trip and make sure that nothing will be missing. In this segment we do a summary of some important aspects that you can prepare in advance


Previously we ask you to read our Terms and Conditions section. Once you've made your choices and selected your preferences in Our trips section, you are ready to complete your order. You will be asked for the personal information necessary for the reservation, as well as all the preferences that you and your group have for the trip. Once we have your information it is necessary to proceed with the initial payment, which we will ask you to do by wire transfer or credit card. If you require more information or help, please request it by filling the contact form. We will respond immediately and will assist you in the design of the trip of your dreams.

Required documents

A passport is required to travel to Ecuador. It should be valid for up to at least 6 months after you leave Ecuador. Citizens from most countries don't need a visa to enter Ecuador. Minors (aged under 18) traveling alone, or with only one of their parents or with someone other than a parent, must carry a notarized letter of consent signed by the parents or a Paternal custody document. It is advisable to carry photocopies of all your documents before your trip, making it much easier to its replacement in case of loss.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend all our passengers to obtain a Travel Insurance covering illness, medical/hospital expenses, emergency medical evacuation, equipment loss, trip cancellation, etc. In the event of a justified trip cancellation as illness of you or your travelling companion, or any other circumstance warranting such cancellation, the insurance will cover all non-reimbursable charges. Check with your insurance provider for options and details.


Some aspects that we recommend to observe in advance are:

Health and phisical condition

The difficulty level of our programs is indicated in the information on each of them. In any case, remember that the better is your physical condition, the greater your enjoyment. We recommend you to exercise regularly and in advance; this way your trip will be much more enjoyable. If you need more information about the trip to consider your ability to do this, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is very important that your doctor gives you the help and information you need regarding your health conditions for participation in a trip with us.


During the Galapagos cruises, there is the opportunity of snorkeling and this is half of the experience and fun during your visit to the archipelago. If you are untrained, or you have never snorkeled before, it is advisable to practice it in advance. It is enough if you practice in a pool until you feel familiar with the equipment and its use.


If you plan to buy new photography equipment for your trip, do it in advance so you have time to familiarize yourself with your gear and get the best from it. Perhaps it is time to purchase your desired underwater camera. Taking underwater photos is so different and requires some practice and knowledge of your gear. For this reason, practice in a pool can also be a good idea, as well as learn about the cleaning and care of this type of camera after use in salt water.