Natural Events Calendar

SeptemberMarine Iguana
Max air temperature: 24 °C
Min air temperature: 18 °C
Avg. water temperature: 21,7 °C
Avg. rainfall: 6 mm

This month's events
  • •  The garúa (drizzle) season continue. The temperature of air reaches
       its lowest level. Overcast skies
  • •  Galapagos penguins show increased courtship activity in Bartholomew
  • •  Sea lions are very active. Females come into estrus and males bark
       and fight constantly to keep the domain
  • •  Most species of seabirds remain very active at their nesting sites
  • •  More migrant shore birds arrive to the islands
  • •  Greater chance of whale sharks sightings to the Northwest of the
  • •  Humpback whales start returning to the South