Natural Events Calendar

JulyMarine Iguana
Max air temperature: 25 °C
Min air temperature: 19 °C
Avg. water temperature: 21,8 °C
Avg. rainfall: 14 mm

This month's events
  • •  The water temperature drops considerably
  • •  Flamingos perform their courtship dances
  • •  The colonies of sea birds are in full breeding season
  • •  The first frigate chicks appear on their nests
  • •  Flightless cormorants perform beautiful courtship rituals on Fernandina
       and start nesting
  • •  Oystercatchers nest on Santiago Island
  • •  Increased presence of whales and dolphins near the West coast of
       Isabela Island
  • •  Lava lizards initiate mating rituals until November
  • •  Whale sharks are approaching Wolf and Darwin Islands