Natural Events Calendar

FebruaryMarine Iguana
Max air temperature: 31 °C
Min air temperature: 22 °C
Avg. water temperature: 24,5 °C
Avg. rainfall: 91 mm

This month's events
  • •  Rain increases to the interior of the Islands, there is more heat, and
       the Sun is intense in the ocean and coasts
  • •  Hatching of giant tortoise's eggs begins and lasts until April
  • •  Greater flamingos start nesting on Floreana
  • •  Bahama pintail ducks start their breeding season
  • •  Nazca boobies on Española are at the end of their nesting season
  • •  Marine iguanas start nesting on Santa Cruz Island
  • •  The highest water temperature reaches 25C (77F) This temperature
       remains constant until April
  • •  Nesting season of the Galapagos dove reaches its highest peak