Natural Events Calendar

AugustMarine Iguana
Max air temperature: 24 °C
Min air temperature: 18 °C
Avg. water temperature: 21 °C
Avg. rainfall: 6 mm

This month's events
  • •  Temperature of the sea drops to its lowest point (18C), as well as the
       precipitation level on the Islands. The sky remains cloudy longer
  • •  The sea is quite choppy. Currents are at their strongest level.
       Surge can be expected along the South and West coasts
  • •  More frigate-bird chicks are born
  • •  Galapagos Hawk begins courtship in Española and Santiago Islands
  • •  Nazca boobies and swallow-tailed gulls nest on Genovesa Island
  • •  Giant tortoises return to the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island after
  • •  Births of sea lions started. Mothers have a defensive behavior
  • •  The courtship dances of flamingos continues
  • •  Migrant shore birds start to arrive, and stay on the islands until March
  • •  The whale shark season begins in Darwin and Wolf Islands