Natural Events Calendar

AprilMarine Iguana
Max air temperature: 31 °C
Min air temperature: 21 °C
Avg. water temperature: 24,5 °C
Avg. rainfall: 72 mm

This month's events
  • •  One of the best months in Galapagos, due to its weather and wildlife.
       Good underwater visibility
  • •  Massive arrival of waved albatrosses to Española. Starting courtship
  • •  End of the giant tortoises hatching season
  • •  Hatching of green sea turtle eggs begin
  • •  Eggs of land iguanas hatch on Isabela Island
  • •  Reached the end of the rainy season, but the islands remain green
  • •  Frigate birds breading season continue in Genovesa and San
       Cristóbal Islands