Albatros de Galapagos

Diving Cruises

Dive in the Galapagos waters, the second world's largest marine reserve. Dive with a variety of endemic species and a vast amount of individuals of each species. Experience the lack of fear to human of these animals, the same that happens on land. See the amazing presence of penguins swimming along with tropical fish and marine iguanas. Swim safely among huge schools of hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. Dive among a profusion of sea turtles, manta rays and sea lions playing around you. Don't miss the number one diving experience in the world.


Trip Details

- DEMANDING. Experience is required
- Start / ends in San Cristobal Island
- 8 days / 7 nights cruise
- Itinerary includes remote Darwin and Wolf Islands
- 2 Dive masters and assistant
- 3 daily dives
- Excellent meals
Boats and prices


Boat start / end Duration Price from
Humboldt ExplorerHumboldt Explorer San CristóbalHumboldt Explorer 8 Days / 7 NightsHumboldt Explorer USD 5.245Humboldt Explorer
Galapagos AggressorGalapagos Aggressor BaltraGalapagos Aggressor 8 Days / 7 NightsGalapagos Aggressor USD 6.295Galapagos Aggressor
Galapagos SkyGalapagos Sky San CristóbalGalapagos Sky 8 Days / 7 NightsGalapagos Sky USD 6.195Galapagos Sky
Galapagos MasterGalapagos Master San CristóbalGalapagos Master 8 Days / 7 NightsGalapagos Master USD 5.475Galapagos Master
NortadaGalapagos Nortada BaltraGalapagos Nortada 8 Days / 7 NightsGalapagos Nortada USD 5.595Galapagos Nortada

Prices per person based on double occupancy. Some prices may vary by season and type of cabin.
Ask for more details.

Cost Includes:
- 8-day diving cruise of the Galapagos Islands
- Certified Dive Masters
- 3 to 4 days on Darwin and Wolf Islands
- 2 to 3 daily dives
- Diving with Nitrox is included on some boats. Please ask for details
- Air tanks and weight belts
- 3 meals per day plus snacks

Not Included:
- Internal flight Quito - Galapagos - Quito:  USD 510 (subject to change)
- Galapagos National Park entrance fee: US$ 100 (subject to change)
- Galapagos Transit Control Card: US$ 20 (subject to change)
- Personal diving equipment, wetsuits, etc.
- Tips; alcoholic beverages; personal expenses

Note: Flight rates and park fee are subject to change without previous notification

Prices valid until December 31 / 2018

Sample Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive to San Cristobal Island; transfer to the boat. Lobos Islet; test dive
Day 2 Punta Carrión. 3 immersions
Day 3 Darwin Island. 3 immersions
Day 4 Darwin Island. 3 immersions
Day 5 Wolf Island. 3 immersions
Day 6 Punta Vicente Roca. 3 immersions
Day 7 Cousin Rocks, 2 immersions / Charles Darwin Research Station and El Chato; land visit
Day 8 San Cristobal Interpretation Centre. Transfer to the airport

Itinerary may vary between each boat. For specific details click on each one

Trip level

On each dive we can have medium to strong currents. The surface temperature of the water varies throughout the year between 16 and 26°C. Visibility can vary between 15 and 30 meters. Some Dives exceed 20 meters of depth.

To dive in the Galapagos you must have a certification, experience, have good physical condition and be an active diver.

Quito is at an altitude of 2,800 meters above sea level. From the last dive until taking the return flight, there is a period of time of +24 hours