Albatros de Galapagos

Cuenca and surroundings

To start this trip have two options: Continue the tour “Cascades & volcanoes” from Alausi to Cuenca, passing by the ruins of Ingapirca, or fly directly from Quito or Guayaquil to Cuenca. This program takes us through the beautiful city of Cuenca, the villages of Gualaceo and Chordeleg, where you can see the work of artisans and their produce in textiles, gold and silver jewelry, straw hats and hand embroidered clothing, as well as learn about their customs, traditions and food. Finally we visit the moorlands and lagoons of El Cajas National Park.


Trip details

- Start in Cuenca or Alausi / ends in Cuenca or Guayaquil
- 4 days / 3 nights
- Private guide and transportation
- Excellent gastronomy
Day 1 From Alausí we drive to Cuenca, passing by Ingapirca archaeological site or we fly directly to Cuenca from Quito
Day 2 Cuenca city tour, the Cathedral, churches, squares and its colonial houses decorated with colorful balconies
Day 3 Cajas National Park. After lunch the tour continues to Guayaquil
  Optionally we returned to Cuenca to take the flight back to Quito the following day
Day 4 Flight back home or take a trip extension to other places in Ecuador
Group size Price (per person)
2 persons USD 1.260
4 persons USD    860
6 or more persons USD    760

Price Includes:
- 3-night lodging in Cuenca (see options below)
- All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Private guide during all the tour
- Private transportation, personalized attention
- Visits to Cuenca and Ingapirca
- Visit to Cajas National Park

Not Included:
- Air tickets Quito - Cuenca - Quito or Guayaquil
- Optional activities and additional days
- Tips; alcoholic beverages; personal expenses

Prices based on double occupancy, valid until December 31 / 2018

tour diario
Ingapirca archaeological site (included)

It is the most important archaeological site in Ecuador, located 80 km to the northeast of Cuenca, in the province of Cañar. It is of Cañari and Inca origin, as it was initially constructed by the Cañari as a ceremonial center and later, in the 15th century, the Inca Huayna Capac conqueror built in this place the Inca religious and ceremonial center. There is a site museum with complete information about the place.

Galapagos 15 días
Cajas National Park (included)

It is located 20 km to the West of Cuenca. In its entirety it is Moorland, above 3,200 meters of altitude. An excellent site for walks along a series of well marked hiking trails, mountain biking and camping. There are 152 species of birds in this place, which makes it an ideal area for bird watching. Its breathtaking landscapes and appeal is due largely to its more than 200 Lakes

Galapagos 15 días
Cuenca City tour (included)

Cuenca is one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador and a great tourist destination. The Historic Center with its churches and colonial houses with outstanding balconies; their crafts markets, museums, workshops of art, squares and parks, attractive neighborhoods along its rivers, as well as its friendly and cheerful people and for its excellent cuisine, are enough reasons that deserve to remain in the city for several days.

Trip level

The degree of difficulty of this journey is EASY. The altitude of Cuenca is 2,550 meters. The temperature can drop to 8°C in the rainy months. Walks in el Cajas require more effort and the altitude is more than 3,200 meters. Here the temperatures can drop below 0°C during the night. It is necessary to use winter clothing.

Galapagos 15 días
Mansion Alcazar (optional)

Installed on a real mansion from the colonial era located in the Historic Center of Cuenca, restored as a Luxury Boutique Hotel to meet the higher demands of our travelers. It has rooms and suites luxuriously decorated and with all facilities; a luxurious Spa with a select menu of treatments; an excellent bar and restaurant where you can taste the best cuisine from Cuenca.

Galapagos 15 días

Hotel Victoria is located in the nestled between the hustle of Calle Larga and the serenity of Barranco: you’ll have the stream of the river at your feet and the concurrence of our Historical Center just some steps away. Hotel Victoria offers an experience that matches the city of Cuenca: full of delights, with centennial distinction; but where you’ll always feel as it being at home.

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