Coastal lowlands

The coastal region has two very distinctive climate zones, which determine its landscapes: the humid tropical zone to the North, where you can always observe green vegetation and tropical rainforests, and the dry zone to the South, characterized by the presence of tropical dry forest and where the annual rainfall is relatively low. Along the coast there are farms dedicated to livestock or crops, such as bananas and other tropical produce.

The temperature in the coast ranges between 18 - 32° C. These two areas are influenced by the cold Humboldt Current and the warm El Niño, which causes these climatic differences and, notoriously, the floods in the Central and South coast during the rainy season from December to late April.

If you like nature, stillness, a tropical weather throughout the year, a nice sea and delicious meals, you will seriously have to consider a visit to the Coast on your trip to Ecuador.


Activities and relax
Look at all the activities that we propose, from nature treks, beaches, surfing, fishing, culture and gastronomy, or choose to do nothing, to lie down to sunbathe, cocktail in hand, while you receive a luxury treat that will be a temptation to continue resting.
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The Coast is summer all year round; we only have rainy and dry season, but even in rainy weather is when the beaches have clear and sunny skies. Sounds contradictory? Come and see for yourself.
During the dry season (May - November) we have more overcast skies, but it is when the hump-back whales arrive from the Antarctic, we have winds for sailing, the weather is cooler and fishing is excellent. We can arrange for you a tailor-made holiday by choosing among the activities of your interest along the Coast or you can stay at our hotel in Bahia de Caraquez, where you will be treated as a King and where you can participate in the different activities that we offer in the surrounding area.

Casa Ceibo

Casa Ceibo

Casa Ceibo Boutique Hotel & Spa is the most luxurious hotel on the coast of Ecuador. It is the first hotel in South America to have obtained the Green 5 Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Flanked by mangrove forests in the estuary of the Chone River, on the outskirts of Bahía de Caráquez, in an area rich in endemic fauna, is a perfect place for those who want to visit the nearby ecosystems of humid forest, mangroves, beaches, estuaries and the wetland of "La Segua".

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