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About SunWind Travel

SunWind Travel is an enterprise created in 2000 by three members of an Ecuadorian-Swiss family: Rodrigo Jácome-Speck, Santiago Jácome-Speck and Lourdes Jácome-González.
The joint experience we have acquired along our exiting lives, our knowledge of our beautiful country, Ecuador, our adventurous spirit and the wish to share our experiences with others, together with fulfilling our dream to put together a travel business, gave birth to what SunWind Travel currently is: A family business that offers services of the highest quality, organized according to needs and available time of our guests.

Our Company

When traveling with SunWind Travel you will experiment a different way of doing Cultural tourism, as our activities are linked to our history, and close sharing with the people on each place, instead of limiting one to observe from a distance.
SunWind Travel offers the best in Adventure tourism, taking special attention in your safety and comfort. We'd rather organize smaller groups (4 - 16 people) and assign more guides per group, depending on the activity.
Our specialty and greater field of expertise are the cruises in the Galapagos Islands, both naturalist cruises (visits and walks to the interior of the Islands), as diving cruises, including the world famous Wolf and Darwin Islands.
We are known for our top value tailor made travel organization, for which we have selected the best operated boats in the archipelago, guides with much experience and reputation, accommodation, transport and other services that complement a trip of the best quality. We also have an excellent selection of lodges in the Amazon, Haciendas in the Andes highlands and other places that will make your visit to Ecuador an unforgettable experience. We can’t overlook the inclusion of the best restaurants and visits to the most outstanding sites in our country.

Our Name

Tuncahuan gold figure

Our company's name: SUN, represents our heritage, our culture, and comes from the cult that our ancestors rendered the SUN which they considered as the giver of life and fountain of all energy. The symbol is a gold figure from 1000 years ago, belonging to the culture TUNCAHUAN, which makes reference to this cult in the middle of the world and is part of their Cosmo vision. WIND, represents the traveler that arrives in company of its spirit; in old times the navigating travelers were called: "brought by the wind".

"In a trip with SunWind Travel you will discover a fascinating world, full of emotions and of the indescribable pleasure of reaching remote places lost in time, which you didn't even imagine existed. A trip through Ecuador can be a unique experience and of a profound spiritual wealth, derived of the encounter with people of such a rich and diverse culture and also of the interaction with a mega diverse environment in which your personal involvement is of great importance to its conservation and protection."

Santiago Jácome-Speck / Operations Manager SWT